Grow the Story is the name of our newest feature where YOU are the story writer! We make a story together paragraph by paragraph. Anyone in the whole, wide world can do it-- including you. Here's how it works.

All stories start off with a title and a picture of inspiration. Your job is to start the story with an opening paragraph. When you've written something and you love what you've come up with, email it to us at We'll choose the best one and add it to the story and it keeps growing and growing like that until we're finished.

Here is our very first story. It's called "Outside the Lines" and here is an image for inspiration, just to get the story started:


Do YOU have an idea about how to start this story? If you do, write up one opening paragraph (which is about 3 to 5 sentences) and send your submission to before June 12th 2016. We'll take a look at all the entries and select the best one and then move onto the second paragraph together.

Good luck and thank you for playing Grow the Story with us!