Small Tales is the name of our storytelling event offerings for children. We do reading, activities, discussions, games, workshops, and class sessions for young people ages 3 through 16. We hold monthly events where anyone is welcome but also organize private events for companies, groups, schools, birthday parties, and families of all sizes.

We have a large menu of exercises we do with kids that both entertain and educate. What's special about what we do is that we always leave young people with a deeper appreciation and understanding of stories. We also pride ourselves on instilling positive values in everything that we do, resonating beyond just the story reading and discussions that we make possible.

Storytelling is in our collective DNA and so it's never too early to understand how stories work and how we can bring out the innate storyteller inside each of us.

This is our Small Tales Menu. For pricing information contact us at We can also do custom workshops to accommodate your group size, your length requirements, and your themes.

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Some recent events:


KPMG India Limited organized the Annual Family Day for the employees and their families. Small Tales was invited to conduct a storytelling session for the children ranging fro 3 to 12 years old. Our storyteller, Priyanka Babbar, dressed as Pippi Longstocking and Sylvester McMonkey from the two lovely stories that she chose, was a big hit with the kids and their parents as well. The children, excited to meet the two characters, listened and participated enthusiastically in the dramatic narration of the stories. They learned to be courageous and cheerful in difficult situations and appreciate the humane qualities of people around them, rather than their outwardly appearances


Small Tales was invited to conduct five storytelling sessions at Aditya Birla World Academy on 29th January, 2016. Our storyteller, Priyanka Babbar, along with our guest storyteller, Sahil Gangurde, organized the sessions for students from Junior K.G. upto Grade III. Our storytellers, dressed as different characters from each story, brought the stories to life with the help of visuals and sounds. The students learned some valuable lessons while participating wholeheartedly  in the dramatic and interactive sessions. The teachers felt that they relived their childhood and were reminded of the lessons that they sometimes tend to forget as adults. That is the power of stories, that we, at Small Tales, want to share with everyone.


Individual Sessions

A. Storytelling and Discussion from books -- 2 hours long*
(ideal for ages 3 to 10)

B. Story games: cubes, cards, and much more -- 1 hour
(ideal for ages 6 to 12)

C. "On Your Mark. Get Set. Story!" -- 1 hour
(ideal for ages 6 to 12)

D. "Story Punch Bowl" -- 1.5 hours
(ideal for ages 10 - 14)

E. "Postcards from the Edge" -- 1.5 hours
(ideal for ages 12 and up, including adults)

F. "Worst Case Scenario" Flash Fiction Writing -- 1.5 hours
(ideal for ages 12 and up, including adults)

G. "Root Beer Float" How do I start a story? Here's how! -- 1.5 hours
(ideal for ages 12 and up, including adults)

* = length based on a group of 15 people

Half Day Packages (including lunch)

Workshops A + B + C = 5 hours

Workshops E + F + G = 5 hours

All of our workshops include gifts for our participants!

Again, for more information on any of our sessions and to find out how much we charge, send an email to or call 98211199591.

The Small Tales Storytellers and Teachers!

pb Priyanka Babbar has been an educator for almost a decade. She is a certified drama facilitator from Theatre Professionals Pvt. Ltd. Besides teaching dance and drama at NSS Hill Spring International School, she is involved in theatre and choreography of various events. She has been an active member of theatre groups that have performed at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival , NCPA Experimental, and Prithvi Theatre. Having taught various subjects during her teaching career, she believes that children learn best through stories, paving the way for them to become better thinkers and problem solvers.
Mb Michael Burns is an American living in Mumbai. He holds a Ph.D. in documentary film from the University of Birmingham in the UK. He is also an actor, editor, and filmmaker, having directed five feature documentaries. He is the director and founder of Tall Tales, Mumbai's premier live storytelling event series, which performs monthly and showcases personal, true stories told by the people who lived them. In addition, he's the creator of the Tall Tales Experience, a monthly, in-depth workshop for adults that is an extension of Tall Tales and allows for a closer inspection of the details of great storytelling.
ss Sharika Sharma has worked as an assistant dubbing director at Blue Whale Entertainment and in a club for children called Aayaam for eight years as one of the directors where she was constantly communicating and interacting with kids of all ages. She current works with Pratibhaansh as an artist and production manager. She absolutely loves being with kids, observing them, and helping them grow in various directions. She has personally always thought that kids should be taught humanity and ethics above all else so that they can be responsible citizens able to stand for what is right morally.
Shilpa Shilpa Pandey has more than 15 years experience in Human Resources. She has worked in manufacturing, consulting, and the retail industry having expertise in talent acquisition. She is a yoga enthusiast, certified as "Madhyma Yoga Shiksha" from The Yoga Institute, and is qualified as proficient to apply yogic concepts and process tonkods, youngsters, and adults. In pursuing her life coaching certification, she helps her clients to reach their most desirable personal and professional goals. She is also a volunteer with various organisations for visually impaired.
Dd Dhisti Desai has been writing since the age of 18. Now 22, she has written seven books out of which LeadStart Corp has published one. She has been an avid reader ever since she could breathe. Once she realized that she was not only good at reading but also good at writing, her journey towards storytelling began. She always believed age and time made no difference in the world of stories and that everybody has at least one story to either make or share with the world. She conducts workshops of all kinds for children and adults. - 98211199591